A change after 2014 in India

Everyone talks about how good this current government is than the previous government, We all know that the previous government never had the decision taking capability. So, in last the mandate of our people brought a new government in 2014. Everyone was happy at that time. It seemed that our country is born again. And I, think it will be not wrong to say that the BJP Government did fulfill most of our expectation. But I, don't wanna talk about that, because Everyone does that. I want to talk about something that people don't usually talk. Before 2014, I think there was more unity among our people. Everyone would curse the government, that the current government is useless, it is corrupted, it has drown our country - talks like that. Though people were criticizing the government but atleast they were free to do so. And everyone from every section of our society did that unitely. But then came 2014, A new government with new dreams and hope arrives at our door steps.

Are we failing our language - Hindi

Language- T he method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way. To answer this question, lets see the above definition of a language. Is the Hindi that is currently being spoken around the globe is structured? I do not think so, It's no way  in hell, is any structured. We have totally changed our precious language, the language which ones identified our country among others, that reputed us for being part of such an amazing culture.  Yes, we failed our mother tongue, though this sentence can easily overwhelm us but indeed, it is true. Hindi is most commonly spoken language in our country. But all those shining words of English and French have totally ruined our language. Our language is not now what it used to be. Yes, the Britishers brought English to our country but it's not their fault that we have ruined our mother tongue completely.  What I think a language is like any living organism. S

What is hope?

Hope is something which makes us believe that everything is going to be alright.  Hope is a is a positive emotion.   Hope is directly related to willpower when the goals are realistic.  Hope is practical pathway to an improved future. A Syrian Refugee boy wanting to play for Manchester United in the midst of war crisis is an example of hope. Every human that ever lived on this planet, must have gone through bad times and good times. We know that everyone hopes to pass through these bad times and get success to at same time.  But do we need the support of hope at good times too? We do, according to me.  Hope is not only Which helps a poor man believing that his child will study hard and will help his family to fight against poverty. Which helps a sick man to get well soon. Which supports a student to get better at his skills. Which retains a person to his job even if he is not getting the appraisal he deserves. Which soothes a couple that they can work on

Importance of Smile

A smile on our face is something that make us believe that this life is not always about running towards something. One thing I admit is that Yes, Life is a race and we should always keep running otherwise our competitors will outrun us. But is life all  about just running? Can't we just stop for a second and think what life is actually all about. Is it always about success? No, Life is not all about success. Sometimes we should just appreciates all the good things that are happening to us or that happened to us in past. And wearing a smile on your face is best way to do that. It's true that we will face many hardships in life and there will come time when we will feel sad. There will comes certain situations in our life that will be difficult to handle. So, everyone face these problems. But some people succeed and some fail. We need to think what different things those successful personalities did. How did they faced their problem? How did they tackled their hurdles? T